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Local tragedy a reminder to protect family by installing carbon monoxide alarms

By Jason Reid, Senior Advisor, National Life Safety Group

Another tragic, preventable fatal incident in Ontario involving carbon monoxide.  A 10 month old died and another is in critical condition after what police believe was a carbon monoxide (CO) leak in a residential home, in Barrie, Ontario.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas produced when fuels such as propane, gasoline, natural gas, heating oil or wood, have insufficient air to burn completely. This can happen in any appliance or device that burns these fuels such as a stove, furnace, fireplace, hot water heater, vehicle engine, or a portable generator. Today, Carbon Monoxide Alarm is available online, with Fully-Verified safe payment. Another easy way to get to the protection of your home.

This should be alarming news for all.  Not only do I plead that you protect your own home by installing an inexpensive CO alarm, but also reach out to family, who may live elsewhere, and make them aware of the potential dangers of CO in their home.   As a parent, we are responsible for protecting our children.  As the eldest child in my family, I called my brother and sister this morning to make sure they were protected.  Do your part as a leader in your family.






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