Fire, Life Safety & Code Compliance

Technical reviews & advisory services, Fire Safety Plans, Compliance Audit and Assessments, Orders to Comply and Accredited training programs meeting Fire Codes in Canada and aboard.

Organizational & Facility Based Emergency Management

Tested programs that are innovated to your needs in
Prevention, Preparedness, Mitigation, Response & Recovery

Emergency Planning & Response

Emergency Response Planning, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Fire, Safety & Security, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive (CBRNE)

Occupational Health & Safety

Technical reviews and Advisory Services; Policy, Procedures & Engaging
Training & Development with a high Return on Investment

Security & Life Safety

Independent Advisory Services, Audit, Design, Assessment & Integration, Industry leading training & professional development programs

Training, Development & Exercise Programs

Reality based and adult learning focused, accredited training programs in Fire, Safety & Security that empower organizations, their people and customizable programs.