Critical Incident Consulting & Advisory Services

How you respond and document to critical incidents in your building will ultimately impact the costs. National Life Safety Group offers our family of client’s rapid access to our critical incident support team, allowing our team of experts to be available to support our clients during critical incidents and guiding them in both response and operational recovery from a vast array of incidents that impact their buildings and workplaces;

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Injury & Fatality
  • Criminal Acts
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Large Loss
  • Critical Infrastructure Failures
  • and more

Our team has rapid access to a trusted network of subject Matter Experts in who have extensive experience in responding to critical incidents in supporting our family of clients in crisis. For an ongoing cost effective solution of how we can assist you prepare to better respond and recover, contact us.

Our team has assisted our family of clients over the last 12 months with the following during crisis:

Rapid deployment of Emergency Power – Generators

Medical Emergencies and Fatalities

Hazard Abatement and Clean-Up

“Hoarding” Documentation and Support

Post Incident – Targeted Security Assessments & Reviews

Critical Incident Stress / Mental Health Support Personnel

Science / Data Driven Research & Compliance

Workplace / Building Crisis Communications

and more

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