National Life Safety Group is proud to provide strategic and tactical advisory services to Building Owners, Managers, HR Teams and Facility Operations teams through real-world experience, meeting both the National and Provincial Fire Codes.

Fire & Life Safety in your building or workplace is more than just code compliance.

National Life Safety Group proudly provides professional services to our family of clients – on time, and on budget, with a unique focus on blending compliance, with lessons learned and innovative solutions in all aspects of project delivery.

Digital Fire Safety Plans

Throughout Canada, Fire Safety Plans are a requirement under Provincial Fire Codes. A Fire Safety Plan is designed to provide occupant safety procedures in the event of a fire, guidance and instruction in effective use of the buildings fire safety features, and used as a consistent standard for occupant and supervisory staff (First Responders) training to assist in minimizing the potential and impact of fire related emergencies.

Truly unique to NLS Group, we have partnered with Safe Buildings, a secure agile technology, which allows Building Owners to digitize their fire safety plan.

Digital Fire Safety Plan Benefits

  • Reduce Costs – Never pay for a new fire safety plan again.
  • Automatic Updates & Reminders on code changes
  • Digitally track Fire Drills, Daily, Weekly, and monthly fire code compliance with digitally tracked date and time stamped evidence.
  • Know the current status of your building’s compliance – In real time.
  • Provide your building staff digital access to emergency procedures.
  • Provide your Fire Safety Plan to the Fire Department – On the way to the building.

Commercial Tenant – High-Rise – Fire Warden Training

In compliance with the Ontario Fire Code and landlord requirements in communicating Emergency Procedures to building tenants, specifically their workplace Fire Warden Teams; NLS Group provides industry leading training and program development in a fun, interactive format so that includes international best practices in evacuation safety and compliance.

Your Fire Warden Team is required to understand;  

  • Fire Alarm & Building Life Safety Features (Site Specific)
  • Evacuation AND Shelter in Place
  • Fire Alarm / Occupant Procedures as per Approved Fire Safety Plan
  • Persons Requiring Assistance During Evacuation
  • Fire Prevention & Code Compliance
  • Fire Drills, Testing and Verification
  • Human Behavior & Typical Challenges found during evacuation.
  • Property Management roles & responsibilities & Tenant

Residential – High-Rise – Resident Information Evening

In support of compliance with the Ontario Fire Code in communicating Emergency Procedures to building residents of high-rise buildings; This exciting session delivered in the evening hours will allow residents to truly understand what building staff are responsible for…and what they themselves are responsible for.

The educational session meets the requirements of local Fire Codes, and consist of the following components:  

  • Fire alarm & building life safety features.
  • What’s in my building designed to protect me?
  • Understanding: to stay or go when the fire alarm goes off at 2:00am?   
  • Evacuation or defend in place?
  • Fire alarm procedures
  • Persons Requiring Assistance during evacuation.
  • Understanding fire prevention and code compliance.
  • Typical challenges found during evacuation.
  • Property management roles and responsibilities. Resident’s responsibilities.

National Life Safety Group conducts numerous resident sessions throughout Ontario, and they are always well received in the format of a wine and cheese, or simple coffee and tea event. What have you done to engage your residents in fire safety?

Building Evacuation Drills & Documentation

National Life Safety Group has evacuated over 600 high-rise buildings in our time, and we provide industry leading experts to manage and facilitate your building evacuation drill, providing documented due diligence through enhanced public & occupant safety.

Your Fire / Evacuation Drill objectives;

  • Determine whether supervisory staff respond in a timely / efficient manner to carry out their duties;
  • Provide an opportunity for building Occupants to obtain important feedback on evacuation drill results.
  • Comply with the Fire Code’s mandatory requirement for conducting fire drills.
  • Clearly document the evacuation drill so that the documentation provides evidence of completion as required by code, and provide lessons learned and recommendations for enhanced safety to all parties; landlord, tenant and supervisory building staff – including fire wardens – within one single report.

Contact us for a no obligation, no cost conversation so that we may learn more of your objectives and needs. Our team is always available to assist both locally and internationally.

Accredited Training for Building & Workplace Staff

“Fire Safety Plan Implementation”

Building Staff, and persons with roles and responsibilities outline in the Fire Safety Plan, play a vital role in ensuring the safety of all in the building. From Fire Prevention, test and inspection requirements, to emergency procedures, building staff must be trained on those roles and responsibilities prior to be assigned any roles and responsibilities.

This “Fire Safety Plan Implementation” Training program is accredited by the Institution of Fire Engineers – Canada Branch and meets the requirements for the Ontario Fire Code, designed for all building staff, including Security, Operations, Superintendents, Concierge, and building Management.

Fire & Life Safety Programs

“Fire Safety Plan Implementation” Training

This program is accredited by the Institution of Fire Engineers – Canada Branch and meets the requirements for the Ontario Fire Code, in implementing the building’s Fire Safety Plan. Program designed for all building staff with roles and responsibilities, including Security, Operations, Superintendents, Concierge, and building Management.

High-Rise Building Operator Program

1 Day Certificate Program

Exceeds the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code

High-Rise Condominium Superintendent Program

1 Day Certificate Program

Exceeds the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code.

Commercial Tenant
Fire Warden Program

2 Hour Certificate Program

Exceeds the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code

Industrial / Manufacturing
Evacuation Fire Warden Program

4 Hour Certificate Program

Exceeds the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code

Other Training Includes:

Hazard Specific Training and Development

Fire Extinguisher Use & Safety

Hazardous Materials & HOTWORKS Programs

Evacuation Drill Facilitator Programs

We are proud to offer our programs in over 100 languages and dialects, through professional translation services.

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